About Exastax

We are on a mission to bring better insights and data-driven decisions to every business

About Exastax

Behind the name and logo

The name Exastax an evocative amalgamation of the words, a Latin term “EXA” is a decimal unit prefix equal to quintillion (10006) and “STAX” is the homonym of the Stacks. We put six rotating stacks to our logo, the rotation indicates Kineticism. Each blue stack refers 1000, multiplied 6 times creates Exa.

Why Exastax?

Put Big Experience to work on your Big Data

Exastax has the expertise to help you conceptualize, implement and scale your big data solution. We provide you end-to-end solutions with cutting-edge technologies from defining the strategy, to deploying and monitoring it

Become Successful on your DevOps Journey

Exastax provide DevOps solutions, strategies and training to companies who need help on how to create, orchestrate and manage their infrastructure. Our DevOps consulting services will increase your organization’s speed, reliability, and efficiency

Get your project Up and Running quickly

We work for you to drive your business forward. Exastax builds high performance, scalable implementations to improve your business agility. Our team of experts is ready to take on any challenge.

Leverage Location Intelligence on your business

Exastax brings location intelligence to your business to improve your decision making and enables you to find new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, deliver outstanding services

Unlock the power of AI and Machine Learning

We operate on frontier of Machine Intelligence and work on a wide variety of problems. Exastax helps you deploy the most advanced Deep Learning and Machine Learning methodologies into your business solutions.

Engage with our Partner Ecosystem

Exastax works with partners to suit your business needs. We will find the best solution for you with the assistance of leading Consulting and Systems Integrator partners

Our Guiding Principles

We're optimistic

Creating the next new big thing requires courage, imagination and a belief that it’s possible. Optimism is our platform for seeing around corners and believing that we can do what hasn’t been done before.

We prize curiosity and learning

Bringing new technologies and products into the world starts with curiosity. It requires discovering new knowledge and learning how to apply this knowledge in clever and compelling ways.

We make each other successful

A high performing team is more effective than a team of high performers. In helping others succeed, we multiply what’s possible from a team so we can achieve more and have a bigger impact.

We make our customers superheroes

Good products are born from empathy for customers. Great products result from making customers superheroes. In doing right by our customers, we do right by ourselves.

We create simplicity, not complexity

The mind craves beauty, order and simplicity. Great technologies and products are not arbitrary; rather they are thoughtful and have made all the hard decisions to eliminate what’s not necessary.

We build products that wow

The world is simply a better place when we have products that understand our needs better than ourselves and delight us in surprising and unexpected ways.

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