Location analytics for your Business


New generation location intelligence platform

Transform location data into actionable insights. Parcell uses geospatial information to build data-driven maps. It brings all the necessary tools to help you visualize and analyze your geospatial data for improved decision making.


Location Analytics

Visualize, filter & aggregate millions of data points to discover hidden patterns and trends. A data-driven map is worth a thousand spreadsheets

Smart Routing

Calculate the fastest delivery routes for maximum efficiency and speed


Retrospective or real-time tracking of your vehicle fleet and other mobile assets

Data Modelling

Parcell is built to accommodate any data model to fit your specific business requirements

Points of Interest

Choose the best location for your operations by analysing the surroundings – businesses in the area, important landmarks, you name it – we have it on Parcell


Parcell ships with dozens of public data sets to aid your decision making — sector-specific data, retail shopping patterns, and demographics


How You Benefit

Map your business

Make better decisions, inspire your customers, uncover hidden patterns and optimize the way you use resources

Foster a new business language

Leverage location analytics and use advanced analysis tools to extract trends in your data

Empower your sales force

Use resources in a more targeted manner to increase your sales with optimized route planning

Gain competitive advantage

Out manoeuvre your competitors by tailoring your operations to match local requirements

Track your assets

Track and visualise your mobile assets in real time

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Parcell will help you make sense of your enterprise location data